BRM 1530 DA Pattern Making Machine

Model BRM 1530 DA

These pattern making machines are used for making unique designs and patterns. We offer our clients the superior and high performing range of pattern making machines. These machines are used in different construction sector and mainly in the wooden crafting. The machines that we offer are perfect for door carving and making unique patterns on them.

Product Specification

Description Parameter
X, Y, Z Working Stroke 1600 x 1500 x 600 mm (option 500 mm / 700 mm / 1 Meter)
Table Size 1900 x 1800 mm
X,Y Structure Rack and Pinion Drive, Screw Ball Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
Max. Speed 30,000 mm/min
Spindle Power Motor 7 KW / 7 HP Giordano Colombo air cooling spindle
Spindle Speed 6000 - 24000 RPM (Electronic Fan)
Speed of Spindle 2000-24000RPM
Driving System Servo system
Working Voltage AC 380 V / 50 / 60Hz 3PH (optional: 220V)
Command G code, M code
Operating System DSP System
Collet ER25 option ER 32 / ER 40 / BT 30 / BT 40
Software Compatability Type 3, Ucancam, MasterCam, Delcam

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