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CNC Router BRM 1530-3.5 Parameters
CNC Router Model BRM 0609-1.5/2
BRM 2300 Membrane Press Machine (2 Doors)
CNC Router BRM 1325 - 3.5 Parameters
CNC Router Model BRM 5 Axis 3668
CNC Router Model BRM 2518C
CNC Router Model BRM 2518B
BRM 1325 - 300 Z Height Stone Engraving Machine
BRM 1530 DA Pattern Making Machine
3D Scanning Machine
Laser Metal Engraving BRM ND YAG-50 Parameters
Laser Engraving Machine BRM PN-1490 & CMA 690 Para


3D Scanning Machine

Technical Features:
  1. Non-touch scanner, stable, application as complex
    shape objects, soft materials or mould objects.

  2. High speed

  3. German standard optical scan

  4. Scan every detail

  5. User Friendly
  • Scanning mode Non-contact

  • Single scan area 300 x 300

  • Single framer points 1.3 million pixels(1024*768)

  • Accuracy 0.01 mm- 0.03mm

  • Single scan time <5s

  • Distance of Point cloud 0.2 mm

  • Distance of Work: ± 400mm (can adjust with machine length)

  • Splicing by ENGLISH SOFTWARE

  • Operation system Windows2000/XP/Win7

    • The scanner machine that we design is of the latest technology and is used to check the fine works of the crafts and also test the defects. These are effective in their performance. We offer our range to different industries.

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